MEWS Shortcodes

When a guest is ordering an Add-On, this product can be visible in MEWS. 
You can do this via a “shortcode” mapping and adding the Add-On’s in MEWS first.

Shortcodes mapping

Package shortcodes to ensure that you add items to reservations.

  • If you charge the product per night or per person per night, you can package it with a rate.
  • If you charge the product once or per person, you cannot package it with a rate, but guests can book it as an additional service.

Step 1: Create the product in MEWS

  1. In the Marketplace, go to My subscriptions.
  2. Locate the Hello George integration and click Edit to go to the settings page.
  3. Click on + to map a product.
  4. In the Product code section, enter a shortcode mapping code.
  5. Click Save.

Repeat steps 3-5 for every product that you want to sync with Hello George.

Step 2: Map the product Hello George

  1. In, go to Add-On’s.
  2. Go to the specific Add-On and click Edit
  3. Create a shortcode, case sensitive which is in Sync with Mews
  4. Click Save.

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